What increase can I expect after the three years?

goodfind properties has not determined what rentals or increases will be 3 years in the future. There are many things we are unable to predict which will affect the rentals and increases. Some examples include the cost of water, sewerage, electricity, building materials, petrol etc..

I plan on moving out in the next year, what are my options?

For those tenants who can only commit to a one year lease period, goodfind is prepared to enter into a one year agreement with them without any penalties applying. In this event the tenant needs to be aware that there is no guarantee that goodfind will renew the lease after one year, which will be…

What are the differences between this new contract and our old contract?

The main differences between the old and new contract are that the parties are protected under the Consumer Protection Act, the period of the lease is clearly defined and the notice period works differently.   Old contract New contract Communicare is the landlord goodfind properties will become the landlord Lengthy and tenant unfriendly Shorter and…